WREAK HAVOC PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a small, independent film production company owned and operated by filmmakers Dan Sellers and Sammie Cassell.

While this production company is a hobby, the goal is to turn it into a thriving business by producing quality short and feature-length films, and other creative endeavors.  So far we've produced and released feature films and shorts, and have several films in various stages of production.  Also, we host two podcasts and manage an international horror film festival.  This production company is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina.



Dan Sellers began making films in 2013 with the horror-comedy Hank vs. The UndeadHank was originally intended to be a short film, an exercise in filmmaking, just for the fun of it.  However, as production got underway, a bigger story presented itself and the scope of the film was broadened.  Dan was tasked with handling many of the basics of filmmaking by himself; from writing the script, to casting and scouting locations.  He even researched cheap and practical special effects and built apparatuses used in making the film.  Before Wreak Havoc Productions was established, Dan and his wife Lauren self-financed Hank and relied mostly on the hard work of friends and family to complete the film.  Hank was filmed between Guilford County and Dan's hometown of Anson County, where the classics The Color Purple and Evil Dead 2 were filmed.  On Halloween of 2014, Hank vs. The Undead premiered in Greensboro and eventually was released on DVD in October of 2015 by RetroVision Entertainment.  Hank had six theatrical screenings and was accepted into numerous film festivals before spawning the short film pseudo-sequel Hank vs. Dracula.


After meeting on the set of Hank vs. The Undead in 2013, Dan and Sammie have gone on to collaborate again and share a partnership in Wreak Havoc Productions, of which Sammie Cassell is Vice President.  Sammie also went on to co-star in their short-film Dark Heat, a segment for the feature film anthology, Witching Hour II from Brain Juice Productions. 


The collaboration between Sammie and Dan continued to Wreak Havoc Productions' next feature film, a documentary entitled Sammie the Comic Book Man.  This film is about Sammie's talks to school-aged kids about the wonders of comic books and sparking the creativity and a newly found love of reading.  Sammie premiered in December 2016 and was released on DVD in 2018.

In October of 2015, Wreak Havoc Productions launched their very own festival event called "The Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival."  The Film Fest is an international festival of shorts and feature films in the horror genre.  The first festival was held at the historic Ansonia Theatre in Wadesboro, NC.  After a successful first year, the festival expanded and moving to the beautiful Carolina Theatre of Greensboro.  The Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest will continue to its fifth year in 2019.


In January 2016, Dan and Sammie premiered a bi-weekly podcast to discuss their favorite movies called, "The Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast."  The podcast frequently features guests from the filmmaking community and covers films from all genres and all eras.  It's available on numerous platforms including iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and iHeartRadio.


In September 2017, Dan launched a new podcast with Jeff Cochran of A Darker World Productions, called The Carolina Haints Podcast.  This is a show about ghost stories, folklore tales, unexplained mysteries and the dark history of the Carolinas.  Carolina Haints recently concluded its second season and is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and YouTube. Season Three will premiere on September 20th, 2019.


Also in September 2017, Wreak Havoc Productions premiered their short film called Midnight Shift, a found footage style horror film about a rural Sheriff's deputy who answers a call he was not prepared for.  Midnight Shift is also a collaboration with A Darker World and stars Tom Gore, Joan Schuermeyer and Willie Rayzor.  The film is currently enjoying its run through the festival circuit. A sequel entitled Countdown to Midnight and starring Scheuermeyer, Neil Burghard and Michael Hoch was released in March, 2019.


Most recently Wreak Havoc Productions has released the true crime documentary Trouble Will Cause about the Lawson Family murders of Christmas Day, 1929. This film focuses on answering the mystery of why Charlie Lawson murdered his family and himself through a psychological exploration. Trouble Will Cause will be screened regionally and is available now on DVD.

Wreak Havoc Productions is currently in production on a drama short entitled Sea Salt Wind which is a collaboration with Zack Fox. We’re also in pre-production on an adaptation of the Stephen King horror story Uncle Otto’s Truck - both films are scheduled to be released in 2019.