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The Wreak Havoc guys have their very own podcast to discuss movies.  Hosted by Sammie Cassell and Dan Sellers, the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast discusses a wide variety of movies, from Action-Comedies to Dramas.  This show is released every other week and frequently features filmmaking guests. 

Don't forget to check out our Official Facebook Page!  We're available for download on the following platforms:

iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wreak-havoc-film-buffs-podcast/id1076142576

GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/m/I6732x36rk3nlczfocqvk5ougja?t=Wreak_Havoc_Film_Buffs_podcast

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Or stream us directly from Liberated Syndication:

1. Where We're Going We Don't Need Radio Back to the Future

2. The Schwartz Awakens - Spaceballs

3. Get Busy Listening or Get Busy Dying - The Shawshank Redemption with Zack Fox

4. The Name's Bond, Ja...Eh, You Know My Name - Casino Royale with Zack Fox

Part I

Part II

5. Mini-Episode: Spectral Evidence - SPECTRE

6. Chewie, We're Home - Star Wars The Force Awakens 

Part I

Part II

7. Watch Out, It's Behind You! - It Follows 

8. From the Files of Enrico Pallazzo - The Naked Gun with Tom Gore 

9. Mini-Episode: Knobby - Knob Goblins 

10. This is my Microphone, this is my gun - Full Metal Jacket with Tom Gore  

11. Double Feature Part I: Superman Begins - Man of Steel with Mark Bowers 

12. Double Feature Part II: Batman Lives - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with Mark Bowers and Sarah DeLong 

13. The Kid Stays N The Picture: Purple Rain with Morgan Meyers

14. I'm Your Huckleberry: Tombstone with Morgan Meyers

15. Mini-Episode: Captain Deadpool! - Deadpool 

16. This is the Zodiac Speaking: Zodiac with Mark Burger

17. Some Folks Call It A Podcast: Sling Blade with  Whitney Collazo & Jacob Allen 

18. Night Terrors: A Nightmare on Elm Street with Whitney Collazo & Jacob Allen 

19. The Dude Abides: The Big Lebowski with Adam Sellers

20. No One Dies Harder than John McClane: Die Hard with Adam Sellers

21. There's No Crying in Podcasts: A League of Their Own with Ashley Meyers

22. Remembering Sammy Jankis with Stephen Tobolowsky - Memento with Stephen Tobolowsky 

23. Who You Gonna Call? - Ghostbusters with Ryan Daniel Thompson

Part I

Part II

24. These Are The Podcasts That Built America: Gangs of New York

25. Mini-Episode: Dead by Dawn - Evil Dead Uproot with Matthew Powell & LJ Landrum

26. Welcome Horror Fans!: Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival with Chad Hunt, Jacob Allen & Whitney Collazo

27. Don't Go Into The Woods - The Blair Witch Project with Chad Hunt

28. Mini-Episode: The Original Hollywood Horror Show

29. The Power of Sammie Compels You! - The Exorcist with Chad Hunt

Part I

Part II

30. Another Day in the Office - Office Space with Chris Demm

31. Hitchcock's Masterpiece and Obsession - Vertigo with Chris Demm

32. Mini-Episode: Our Documentary - Sammie the Comic Book Man

33. The Doctor Is In - Marvel's Doctor Strange

34. Christmas Vacationing with Tom Ackerman - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 

35. Podcast Celebrity Call-In's Vol. 1

36. We're On A Mission From God! - The Blues Brothers

37. The Podcast That Burns Twice As Bright... - Blade Runner

38. Winter is Coming - Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Alex Folmar

Part I

Part II

39. What's The Most You Ever Lost In A Coin Toss? - No Country For Old Men with Alex Folmar

40. By Sammie's Hammer: Galaxy Quest LIVE from MystiCon! - Galaxy Quest with Tom Gore

41. Angela's Secret - Sleepaway Camp with Jaysen Buterin and Felissa Rose

42. It's NOT the Muppet Show - The Dark Crystal with Jaysen Buterin

43. What's in the Box? - Se7en

44. Dante's Inferno - Clerks 

45. Mini-Episode: From the set of Midnight Shift

46. Hot Pursuit - Smokey and the Bandit with Chad Hunt

47. Quid Pro Quo, Clarice - The Silence of the Lambs with Annie Titus 

Part I

Part II

48. Who Cut the Swiss Cheese? - Swiss Army Man 

49. You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - Jaws 

50. Podcast Celebrity Call-In's Vol. II

51. Documented Alien - Alien: Covenant with Jeff Cochran

52. Spidey Come Home - Spider-man: Homecoming

53. A Black Comedy - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Jeff Cochran

54. Sammie's Sleepy Time - Sleepers 

55. Mel Brooks' Wild Wild West! - Blazing Saddles

56. Off the Record, On the QT and Very Hush Hush - LA Confidential with Adam Sellers

57. The 2017 Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

58. Once Upon A Midnight Dreary - The Crow with Whitney Collazo

59. Children of the Night - Bram Stoker's Dracula with Jacob Allen & Whitney Collazo

60. The One with the Hair, the Bald Guy, the Kid and the Tall Guy - Phantasm with author Dustin McNeill and Megan Squires

61. Welcome to the Squad! - The Monster Squad with Megan Squires, featuring Ryan Lambert

62. By the Power of Odin! - Thor: Ragnarok

63. We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes - Psycho 

64. It Was Sammie & Dan, In the Office, With the Microphone - Clue

65. No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends - It's a Wonderful Life with Special Guest Mike Burke

66. Podcast Celebrity Call-In's Vol. III

67. Sammie & Dan's Top 10 Favorite Sci-Fi Films

68. It's Just A Flesh Wound - Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

69. You Are Not A Beautiful and Unique Snowflake - Fight Club with Zack Fox

70. Paradise Lost - Lost in Translation with Zack Fox

71. We're Gonna Make You A Podcast You Can't Refuse - The Godfather with Bill Mulligan

72. Yes I'm Serious and Don't Call Me Shirley - Airplane! with Christopher G. Moore

73. Why Are You Wearing That Stupid Man Suit? - Donnie Darko with Gigi Galdo & Dominic Fischer 

74. You're Killing Me, Smalls - The Sandlot

75. It's A Long Road, When you're John Rambo - First Blood 

76. Mini-Episode: More Rambo! - Rambo V news

77. Surviving the Snapture - Avengers: Infinity War with Chad Hunt and Jeff Cochran

78. Mini-Episode: Sammie at Days of the Dead

79. All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy - The Shining with Chad Hunt and Jeff Cochran

80. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth, Party on Penelope! - Wayne's World with special guest Penelope Spheeris

81. Now That's What I Call A Close Encounter - Independence Day

82. Mini-Episode: Big Announcements!

83. We Can Be That Mistake! - Superbad with Joey Martin 

84. You and I Have Unfinished Business - Kill Bill with Joey Martin

85. The 4th Annual Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

86. We All Float Down Here - It with Josh Mabe

87. The Night the Podcast Came Home - Halloween (1978)

88. Greetings from Camp Crystal Lake - Friday the 13th with Matt Patterson

89. Halloween Special - Celebrity Call-In’s Spooky Edition!

90. A Podcast for Every Outhouse, Henhouse and Doghouse - The Fugitive

91. As Far Back As I Can Remember I Always Wanted to be a Podcaster - Goodfellas

92. Don’t Feed the Podcast After Midnight - Gremlins

93. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid! - A Christmas Story

94. Sammie & Dan’s Top 10 Favorite Action Films

95. Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to Go Through a Podcast - Animal House with Chris Jones

96. Here’s Listening to You, Kid - Casablanca with Christopher Jones

97. Unable to Perceive the Shape of You - The Shape of Water with Jessica Mashburn

98. Unbreakable with Jeffrey Cochran & Chad Hunt

99. Welcome to Toontown - Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Zack Fox & Chad Hunt

100. SPECIAL 100th EPISODE: LIVE Reading of Smokey and the Bandit with Chad Hunt & Vanessa Thompson

101. Crazy Evil - Mandy

102. We’ve Got Cows Here - Twister with special guest Zack Fox

103. I’m Glad It’s You - Road to Perdition with special guest Matt Patterson

104. Are You Watching Closely? - The Prestige

105. Welcome to the Jungle - The Jungle Book (1967)

106. Godzilla (1956) - COMING SOON

107. The Addams Family - COMING SOON 

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